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pytask is a workflow management system that facilitates reproducible data analyses. Its features include:

  • Automatic discovery of tasks.

  • Lazy evaluation. If a task, its dependencies, and its products have not changed, do not execute it.

  • Debug mode. Jump into the debugger if a task fails, get feedback quickly, and be more productive.

  • Repeat a task with different inputs. Loop over task functions to run the same task with different inputs.

  • Select tasks via expressions. Run only a subset of tasks with expressions and marker expressions.

  • Easily extensible with plugins. pytask is built on top of pluggy, a plugin management framework, which allows you to adjust pytask to your needs. Plugins are available for parallelization, LaTeX, R, and Stata, and more can be found here. Learn more about plugins in this tutorial.

To get started with pytask, the documentation includes a series of tutorials. Go to the first tutorial for the installation and proceed from there.


If you want to know more about pytask, dive into one of the following topics


Tutorials help you to get started with pytask and how you manage your first project.

How-to Guides

How-to guides provide instructions for very specific and advanced tasks and document best-practices.


Explanations deal with key topics and concepts which underlie the package.

Reference Guides

Reference guides explain the implementation and provide an entry-point for developers.

Furthermore, the documentation includes the following topics.